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Kartepe Köşkü

An excellent stay is waiting for you with your loved ones in Kartepe Mansion.

Turkey's first and only hotel with natural stone lodge Kartepe, Izmit Bay and Sapanca Kartepe ski center, 1600 m high between the lake 16 km, Istanbul 120 km, Ankara is 300 km away. Our hotel enjoy the sun in summer in the winter, with its proximity to the ski resort. beauty and tranquility in nature where you can benefit from offers a holiday.

Simplicity and peace with its unique architecture in the unique nature of Masukiye We supported the interior decoration of our hotel which is a symbol with healing stones. Each of our rooms and transformed it into a special themed hotel by decorating it with healing stones. We are.

5 suites in our hotel (AGATE, AMETHYST, FLORITE, PINK QUARTZ, HIMALAYA SALT) 4 standard rooms (AMMONITE, SMOKE QUARTZ, LAPIS LAZULİ, STRİN) 1 Standard rooms with balcony (YEŞİM) We provide.

With 50 adult fruit trees in our garden, each of our guests we offer the possibility of eating fruit from the seasonal branch. Again in our hobby garden completely collecting as much as you want from our organic grown vegetables in the garden of the hotel, if you want With the organic village breakfast we will prepare at RESTAURANT offer banqueting. Maşukiye region where our hotel is located is famous for its breakfast. For breakfast, our dear guests completely organic and handmade products with a rich variety you can not find anywhere offer the possibility of flavor. As Kartepe Pavilion, we also welcome our guests to offer a breakfast worthy of our region's reputation We strive to provide a flavor feast.

LOVE is another Presidential Palace in Beside these, our slogan Kartepe, Turkey's KARTEPE Kiosk advancing confidently towards becoming the most romantic hotel; with special programs for honeymoon, marriage anniversary, birthday, marriage proposals We offer an unlimited number of options to guests.

Kartepe Köşkü