Wearing agate stone is blessing, Wearing agate stone destroys poverty, slackness. It protects you from the evils, especially on journeys. It has been found that it is good for stress, one of the biggest problems of our age. It enables our reason and logic to develop. Provides protection against evil eye. During pregnancy, the mother has been found to be beneficial for baby health. Carrier person h..


Amethyst Stone is known as the stone of love and love. As it collects and carries the negative electric charge, the effects of increasing the brain power by collecting the excess electric charge in the body have been determined. It converts the collected negative electric charge into positive electric charge. Good for depression. It is beneficial for those who have insomnia. Amethyst stone is a st..


Ammonite is actually an old form of life, not stone. They are extinct creatures some 400 million years ago. Provides a stable life and durability. Suicide tendency, instinct gives survival. Helps to relieve stress and stay calm. Provides grounding for negative emotions. It is useful in the treatment of degenerative diseases. Useful for the relief of depression. Provides the necessary mental and ph..


This stone is a kind of quartz family and is found in gray, black and brown tones. Smoky quartz stone is a unique stone with its aesthetic appearance and psychological and physical effects it provides to human. If we talk about the benefits of smoky quartz stone, it is best known and used for panic attack. It is a stone that can be used during meditation. Good for nerve disorders. Stress is good. ..


It allows one to get rid of the captivity of memories and his senses soothe the feeling of emptiness. Its energy is soothing and soothing. Transparent fluorite can be used in combination with other stones, but purple fluorite is a stone whose effect is weakened when used with other stones. When your thoughts are ambiguous and complex, take your fluorite in your hand, you will see your thought shar..


With its natural ionizing properties, lamps produce minus ions, ie air vitamins, improving the quality of the air we breathe, and eliminating the harmful effects of plus ions from the electrically charged mist of today's devices (mobile phones, computers, base stations, wlan networks, etc.). Himalayan Salt Lamp Although it is not a medical device, it relieves fatigue, stress, asthma attacks, vari..


Eliminates melancholy (extreme sadness, cheerlessness, anxiety) and depression (mental depression). It clarifies the mind and helps to reach real information, broadens the perspective. Stable and effective energy, allows you to look at the events you ignore. It strengthens your soul's desire to reach the truth. It creates a balance between our physical and spiritual powers. Gives intelligence and ..


It gives the person the power to get rid of his worries and feel the joy of life, and makes him accept himself. It destroys feelings of despair and pessimism by increasing its sensitivity to the beauties around it. Strengthens the sense of self-confidence. It eliminates feelings of hate, guilt, jealousy and fear, and allows the person to gain sympathy. It soothes the heart with its soothing effect..


Citrine stone is also known as the success stone. Aura has cleansing effects. It dissipates negative energy. Strengthens the immune system. It is anti oxidant effective. It frees ourselves from damaging perverted thoughts and increases self-confidence. Some people store citrine in their crates because it is believed that citrine has a fertile gain-enhancing effect. Eliminates excessive jealousy. I..


Jade is a stone that protects from magic and magic. It is also known as the happiness stone. It collects the negative electricity in the body and throws it out and saves the person from stress. Jade stone allows us to have beautiful dreams. Jade is anti-oxidant. It relieves emotion from captivity and develops the power of reason and logic. It helps us overcome extreme emotions. Increases concentr..